Pre-Construction Consulting

Planning to build a home is a process that takes time, patience, and expertise. It is important to lay a strong strategic foundation before ever breaking the ground on a construction project.  Once you’ve chosen L&F Construction to build your home, a pre-construction consultation  will help you avoid the common pitfalls that occur when construction begins without thorough due diligence. Our expertise and experience allows us to foresee any challenges or problems that may occur during the construction process so that they may be addressed in advance, saving you time and money.  We review your plans and make sure that you are on a path with no road blocks ahead.

During a pre-construction consultation, we commit to listening to your needs, plans, and dreams, as well as, evaluate your blueprints and lot choices in order to help you map out the best course to arrive at the ideal home for your family.  We will visit your location and evaluate the land area to make sure it will accommodate your home gracefully.  Consulting your architect on your behalf with needed questions and corrections is also included in our pre-construction service.

The more organized we are at the beginning, the fewer unnecessary changes later in the project. At L&F Construction, we want to give our clients the most accurate information possible in order that they can make the best business decisions regarding their new home.


Included in our pre-construction services:

  • Design Consultation
  • Blueprint Review
  • Lot Evaluation
  • Estimating – for budgetary purposes
  • Permitting