Outdoor Living

OUTDOOR ROOMS:  Kitchens, Dining areas, Bars and Backyard Entertaining

Nothing says summer relaxation with friends and family than a backyard cookout. Eating outside can be so much more than just sitting on rickety, plastic chairs. Why leave your guests and run back and forth to the house when you can do all your food-prep in the fresh air? With an outdoor kitchen or bar, you can prepare meals and entertain with elegant simplicity. Besides entertaining value, adding an outdoor space will increase your home’s value. Striking the right balance between sophisticated and casual can be a challenge, but our team will partner with you to create everything you need for your next barbecue or family get-together.



Decks and Patios

Extend your living space outdoors and create a backyard sanctuary that alternatively gives you privacy and helps you entertain friends. We specialize in working with customers to make outdoor dreams become a reality. Whether it is a square deck or a multi-level custom deck with benches, planters, and a trellis, L&F works with each customer to design an attractive, functional deck that will exceed their expectations.



OUTDOOR BUILDINGS:  Offices, Studios, Guest & Garden Houses, Hot tub & Pool Rooms, Kids’ Play Centers

Doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or a kid at heart, the allure of the backyard fort is a lifelong attraction. And with the growing needs of our living spaces, the backyard building can also serve functional purposes, such as accommodating overnight guests or housing a space to work from home. Do you long to paint or write but can’t find a space? Do you have a large garden, but nowhere to place your tools? Perhaps a spa, a yoga studio, or a child’s play house are in your dreams. We’ll help make it happen.