Custom Home Building

Since 1977, L&F has excelled in creating custom homes that reflect the unique style and personality of their owners.  We build with future generations in mind. We appreciate that the home we build is your family’s – and we build with the same dedication to craftsmanship we give to our own families.


You can expect the following from L&F during the process of designing and building your home.

Initial meeting

First, we develop a working partnership between our team and you, the homeowner. This partnership begins with an initial meeting with Fred or Ashley Patrick where you share your vision of the home you want to build.  If you already have architectural plans, we will discuss those, and if not, we will guide you through the process of obtaining them. Together we explore your family’s needs and answer all your questions concerning the complete design and building of your home.

We’ll create a personal calendar for you, outlining a timeline of selections. This gives you the comfort of making choices well in advance and eliminates the possibility that you are pressured into last minute decisions.  This calendar is one feature of the communication software that we offer in order to track even the smallest details of your home’s construction.

Initial site visit

A home’s location is critical to its value to your family. Fred or Ashley will personally accompany you to your possible building sites and discuss your options.

Presentation of estimate

Once we obtain the architectural specifications and a building site is chosen, we will calculate an estimate for your home and present this to you. Before breaking ground we will have a pre-construction meeting where you will meet the head of your construction team.  We’ll introduce you to our unique system of total communication and the progress updates you’ll receive through the entire construction process.  We commit to keeping you informed through regular contact and scheduled site visits and meetings.

Refine details and estimate

As you share what you need, our team will provide helpful insight and adjust the estimate accordingly. Together, property owner and builder, we’ll create a home that expresses your personality and artistry while maintaining construction feasibility.

Confirm plans and budget

This approach allows complete communication and ensures the smooth delivery of your dream home while adhering to the goals of your budget.  Our team approach simply makes the building of your home an enjoyable experience – one you will look back on with fond memories.

Construction phase

After L&F obtains the necessary permits for building your home and before breaking ground, you will meet all members of your construction team.  Having open communication with our homeowners is not only a good business practice, it’s our only way of doing business.

Project completion

Congratulations! Your dream home is finished and ready for your family to move in.  L&F maintains its quality service through this transition, ensuring a smooth beginning to life in your new residence. To make sure you will settle in smoothly, we personally escort you through an orientation of your new home. We’ll show you how to use all the features and answer your questions.

When your home is completed, we will provide written copies of all applicable warranties.